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Sports picks (Locks whale plays) - Elite Bettings
Sports picks (Locks whale plays) - Elite Bettings




*We refund 100% if the record is negative on the chosen duration like 20 wins and 21 losses for example  (Guarantee option only)

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Why Elite Bettings ?

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100% Transparent

  • Results are 100% documented
  • Our bankroll is public
  • Everything is public (Instagram)
  • Cappers don't record to steal better
  • We change this industry for good
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100% Legit

  • Present since 2016
  • 74% average win
  • -155 average odds
  • Competitors hit 33-56% win
  • We don't gamble, we invest
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100% Fair

  • Competitors charge $1000 monthly
  • From $295 monthly
  • Very cheap and fair
  • Better return on investment
  • You will cover the fee faster

Are we legit ?

Top sports handicappers I Elite Bettings
Elite Bettings
Vegas Dave I Elite Bettings
Vegas Dave
Cody Covers Spreads I Elite Bettings
Cody Covers
Parlay Travy I Elite Bettings
Parlay Travy
Mazi VS I Elite Bettings
Mazi VS
Vegas Jake I Elite Bettings
Vegas Jake
Sports Analytics 247 I Elite Bettings
Sports Analytics
Kyle Covers I Elite Bettings
Parlay Travy
JA Cavalier I Elite Bettings
JA Cavalier

Start for just $9.80 a day 🍟 

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Our Expertise for a McDonald's Menu

Elite Bettings is one of the Most Affordable and Profitable Expert to grow your Bankroll. No need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive Sports Handicappers, we have another solution.

👨‍💻 Elite Bettings puts together its strong Expertise Assistance to help you optimize your profits thanks to unique Growth Strategies.

❌When we started betting, we were also blinded by fake records, lifestyles and cappers that were totally not legit like Vegas Dave, Cody Covers, Parlay Travy, Five Stars Sports Picks, Las Vegas Kings, Mazi...

📊Since 2016, we have refined our craft to finally find the Best Strategy that works for us, thanks to Datas & Analytics. Our strategy is the best merge between Money Management, Sports Games Analysis and Return on Investment

🚀 Thanks to us, you will avoid lot of mistakes that 90% of people do! You'll gain Time & Money. We will Assist & Advise you, so that you have nothing to do but copy-paste our own strategies. You will go Faster and be more Profitable than anyone in this industry.

✅This is an insane opportunity for you. It's so simple than any beginners can join us too! Our packs are 100% Money Guaranteed (Risk-Free). You can be sure that no one propose that, trust me.

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Sport capper Testimonials I Elite Bettings
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