Michael Jordan's two Best Pointers in NBA History

Michael Jordan's two Best Pointers in NBA History | Elite Bettings


Sunday is now the weekly meeting for "The Last Dance". The opportunity to discover some anecdotes that players seem to love, especially if we believe their reactions to the last two episodes (5 and 6) . Because Michael Jordan was very talkative, especially in the one devoted to Kobe Bryant.

Among his statements? Who are the two best leaders in history. A classification can be complicated to make for some, but not for MJ. Rivalry or not, no question for him of snubbing a great opponent always during the Bulls / Pistons games.

I respect the talent of Isiah Thomas. For me, the best All-Time point guard is Magic Johnson and right behind is Isiah Thomas. No matter how much I hate him, I respect his game.

Jordan still retains a big hatred for the old Bad Boy and his very particular style of play, proof is with his recent insult towards him . But even if it is, His Airness knows how to recognize talent and it is undeniable that the leader of the Pistons had it.

In the end, it is not surprising to see Isiah Thomas so high in this ranking. Magic Johnson shouldn't bother anyone, who has had a great career with the Lakers. Only small problem for some? The absence of Stephen Curry .

With three titles or two MVPs, the leader of the Warriors is already very high in history. Not enough to overtake Thomas according to Jordan, but that could be the case by the end of his career. Remember that Baby Face still has a few good years ahead of it.

Still, it is interesting to see Jordan place Thomas so high in his all-time ranking. Despite a rivalry that has been around for a good number of years, MJ respects the talent of his counterpart. The reverse is less true unfortunately, especially if we rely on the last interview of the Bad Boys player .

Michael Jordan knows how to remain objective when it comes to drawing up an All-Time ranking. But the latter may well be turned upside down in a few years.

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