-Who are you? What do you do?

Elite Bettings is a group of experts since 2016 that use statistics, algorithms, and analytics to make our clients profits in sports betting. We don’t bet on teams or bias. All of our system plays are strictly statistically and analytically based to give our clients an edge over time. Our clients don’t gamble on games, they invest in our analytics which are proven to win over time.


-Which Sports do you provide?         

We make picks on NFL, NCAAF, NCAAB, NBA, MLB and NHL.


-How many picks do you make per day?                                                            

There is no set amount each day.  It could be anywhere from 1-2 picks depending on what our system calls for.  Obviously, you can expect more picks on College Football/Basketball the Saturdays.  


-When and how are picks sent out?

We send out plays a minimum of 1 hour before games start.  We send all picks on our membership access on this website. We notify our clients by Mail and Telegram  


-What is your winning percentage?                                                                     

We average approximately 80% for straight bets in all sports.  


-Where can I bet?

It's up to the client to make their bets and find a place to bet. Personnaly we us Asia Connect to bet on our picks, they provide the best odds in the world. It's a big plus to manage well the bankroll.