How to bet on Football (NFL & NCAAF)

How to bet on American Football (NFL & College Football NCAAF)


Different types of bets

There are different types of bets whenever you want to place a wager on Football. Moneyline, handicap, over/under... Does it sounds strange to you ? No worries, we'll review each of them together 🏈


  • It's the most popular option
  • It means you choose a favorite team to win
  • If our pick is "Dolphins ML", means Dolphins have to win the game


  • It's one of the most common way to bet on the NFL in the US
  • This is the point of reference standard when it refers to the relative chances of a match. As in all sports, NFL teams have different levels. To effectively rebalance the odds, bookmakers offer a handicap.
  • Handicap could be positive or negative
  • It means we give or remove points for a team
  • Ex: If our pick is "Dolphins -6", it means dolphins have to win by at least 7pts of difference. If the score is 20-14 for Dolphins, you will get refunded because it's a draw. 20-6pts=14 so the score will be 14-14. If the score is 21-14, then you won because 21-6=15 so it will be 15-14


  • This is related to over/under points options
  • You bet on the possible score to be under or over an amount of points
  • Ex: If our pick is "over 52pts" for the game Dolpins-Ravens, it means the total points during the game have to be over 52
  • It works for a specific team also

Development strategies

development strategies nfl ncaaf college football bet

Now that you have learned the basics of NFL betting , you may want to explore more advanced strategies. For example, players who wish to bet on handicap in the NFL must take into account certain factors, beyond the chances of a team X to win on a team Y, such as the number of points of difference between X and Y.


Professional NFL bettors spend time developing powerful ranking systems to assess the relative strengths of teams and calculate who will have the advantage in any game. These calculations are then measured against the handicaps and odds offered by bookmakers, looking for differences that would be synonymous with value.


However, for new betters on the NFL, the handicap systems already available can offer precise results in the short term. 

Differential yards


In the NFL, the battle between offensive and defensive units is raging. Thus, a simple way to assess the strength of an NFL team is to consider the average offensive yards earned per action and the average defensive yards conceded per action.

Naturally, teams that win more yards than they concede tend to win. Although not entirely accurate, this measure gives a good idea of ​​future performance. (Learn more about the yardage classification per action here)

Advantage of playing at home

The NFL uses a unique "closed" league system where relegation and promotion do not exist. From a statistical point of view, the data for successive seasons for factors like the advantage of home play are solid.


To find the home game advantage for each team competing in the NFL, you must subtract the total number of points scored by the visiting teams from the number of points for the teams playing at home, and divide by the total number of games played. .


You will notice that over the past 20 years, the advantage of home play has been within a 3 point spread, which has become a standard value for handicaps. (Learn more about calculating the home game advantage here.NFL & NCAAF key figures


In Football handicap betting you need to know a few numbers. These numbers are the most used margins compared to the final score.


By understanding what these key figures are, you can avoid betting on a bad handicap and you can even guess which team the bookmaker wants you to bet on.


For example, 3 is the most common winning margin in Football because most matches are decided on a "field goal", while 7 is the second most common winning margin because it is the number of points won per a team for a touchdown and an additional point for a successful conversion.


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