Who is Vegas Dave?

Who is Vegas Dave?

Welcome to the thrilling world of sports betting, where fortunes are made and legends are born. In this article, we delve into the extraordinary journey of Vegas Dave, a name synonymous with controversies and unpredictability in the betting arena. From his early days in Michigan to becoming a figure of sports betting, let's uncover the highs, lows, and the secrets behind Vegas Dave's "success" in sports betting to discover the truth.

Vegas Dave 

💼 Background and Early Career💼

Vegas Dave, whose real name is David Oancea, was born on July 30th, 1976. He grew up in Michigan and later moved to Hawaii before settling in Las Vegas. From an early age, he showed a keen interest in betting and sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL.

Here are some key points about his background and early career:

  • Vegas Dave started his professional journey as a sports bettor around the year 2011.
  • He made headlines when he "won" a $2.5 million wager on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series back in 2015 (MLB).
  • Before becoming a full-time gambler, he worked as a nightclub promoter and owned several small businesses.
  • In addition to sports betting, Dave has also been involved with crypto investments and claims to have made millions from it (unverified).

Let's dig more about it now!

🎲 What is Vegas Dave known for?🎲

Las Vegas, the ultimate betting mecca, became the turning point in Vegas Dave's life. Relocating to Sin City, he immersed himself in the city's vibrant sportsbook scene. His bets caught the attention of both peers and bookmakers.

Vegas Dave's rise to fame as a sports handicapper started when he used social media with influencers to enhance his lifestyle. He quickly established himself as one of the most successful handicappers in the industry, garnering attention and pretending to win all the time. I guess this sentence is not foreign to you "how do I do it?". The problem is when the millions of fake followers that you have bought don't interact with your content. Then, you get only 43 views after 1 day!

Vegas Dave Fake Followers | Elite Bettings

Dave Oancea, also known as Vegas Dave, has since been featured on Forbes. Wow, it is impressive right?  Well, he paid for those Press releases, don't get too hyped for it! Why appearing on Forbes Africa when you are are barely known as a famous person and especially in Africa? Maybe because the price for the press release is cheaper!

Vegas Dave | Elite Bettings

He has also become an advocate for cryptocurrency in gambling circles, accepting Bitcoin payments for his services. He claim to be a crypto expert but you will know a bit more about it, just continue to read this article. For real, the fact to date Holly Sonders has spotlight a lot his business and allowed him to get more visibility and clients of course. That was a turning point for him.

❌ Controversies Surrounding Vegas Dave ❌

  • Fraud allegations:

    In 2019, Dave Oancea, also known as Vegas Dave, was charged with one count of using false Social Security numbers and another count of misrepresenting his income to a Nevada bank. He pleaded guilty to both charges in February 2020 and was sentenced to three years' probation.

  • Marketing tactics:

    Some critics have accused David Oncea of using controversial marketing tactics to attract clients. For example, he once claimed that he turned $10,000 into over $2 million in just one year by betting on sports and investing in crypto. However, Forbes reported that these claims were likely exaggerated or misleading.

  • Double bets: Vegas Dave provided a bet on both teams during NCAAB Final. A good way to be sure to win and get as much money as he could to pretend having the winner during this big game! Here you can see more about Vegas Dave details.

  • NFT project: This Vegas Dave purple project was a complete fail and all the owners have lost money unfortunately...

    Vegas Dave NFT | Elite Bettings
  • Crypto Expertise: His expertise about crypto is as good as it's expertise for sports betting. He says he invest a lot and try to impress you with fake figures but please be careful.
Vegas Dave Crypto | Elite Bettings

🎯 What strategies does Vegas Dave use for sports betting? 🎯

Vegas Dave's sports betting strategies don't involve any in-depth researches, analysis or historical trends. The Money management he has is terrible, he will advise you to bet 50% of your bankroll (1000 units), imagine what happens if you the pick loose... Also the odds are so ridiculous, really! Everything make no sense there, the odds, the money management, the picks, the prices... Just stay away from it!

Vegas Dave | Elite Bettings

Vegas Dave | Elite Bettings

📊 Does Vegas Dave is legit ?📊

That's a good question. Vegas Dave love to spam your feed with winnings all the time. Claiming he only has winners and goes 43-0 on the MLB season. It's impossible and please, don't trust this person. It's a bit too good to be true but we never, we still see hundreds of people buying from him.

 Vegas Dave | Elite Bettings

It's easy to show winners all the time when you don't record your results. People still don't ask for it and get blinded from fancy lifestyle and luxury stuff. As you know, we are 100% transparent with our results (Our record is HERE). But where is the record from Vegas Dave's picks??? Let me help you, I personnally recorded his results (Click HERE) so that you can have a view over it. Let's remind you that 5Dimes have declared that the Vegas Dave's tickets were Fake!

Vegas Dave Scam | Elite Bettings

🔗 Controversies Linked to Vegas Dave 🔗

Vegas Dave has made headlines for all the wrong reasons, with several controversies linked to his name. One of the most notable issues is his fraudulent activities, which led to a conviction and hefty fine. Additionally, he has been embroiled in various lawsuits and legal battles over the years, raising questions about his business practices.

Vegas Dave lawsuits | Elite Bettings

Apart from legal challenges, Vegas Dave has also faced criticism from industry experts and critics who question his credibility as a sports handicapper. Some have accused him of making false promises and misleading clients into purchasing expensive packages that do not deliver results. All these controversies make it important for sports bettors to exercise caution when considering Vegas Dave's services.

👎 Fraudulent Activities and Conviction 👎

Vegas Dave's fraudulent activities have been in the limelight for quite some time now. He has been accused of misleading clients with false winning records, and conspiring to commit wire fraud and illegal use of other people's identities. These allegations led to his conviction in 2019 on charges of using phony Social Security numbers and committing wire fraud.

Vegas Dave scam | Elite Bettings

Furthermore, Vegas Dave has also been caught selling picks without a license. This is another illegal activity that he engaged in despite being fully aware of the law. As a sports bettor looking for a reliable handicapper to maximize profits, it is important to steer clear from individuals like Vegas Dave who engage in fraudulent activities that could potentially harm your finances and credibility as an investor or gambler.

Lawsuits and Legal Battles ⚖️

Vegas Dave has been involved in multiple legal disputes throughout his career. Several former clients have filed lawsuits against him for breach of contract, claiming that he failed to deliver on promised betting tips and guidance. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has also taken legal action against him for operating without a license, resulting in fines and penalties.

In addition to these cases, Vegas Dave was recently forced to settle a lawsuit with The Cosmopolitan hotel over unpaid gambling debts. Despite his success as a sports handicapper, these ongoing legal battles raise concerns about the reliability and trustworthiness of his services. Sports bettors should carefully consider all available information before deciding whether or not Vegas Dave is the right choice for their needs.

🏈 Criticism by Industry Experts and Critics 🏈

Many industry experts and critics have criticized 'Vegas Dave' for various reasons. Firstly, his branding strategy of using a pseudonym instead of his real name raises questions about his credibility and makes it hard to trust him. Secondly, there have been criticisms that 'Vegas Dave’s Winning Picks' is expensive with limited returns; customers pay a lot but do not receive much in return.

Vegas Dave Scam | Elite Bettings

Furthermore, 'Vegas Dave' has also faced accusations of manipulating the betting market in order to make money, which is not only unethical but illegal as well. Such controversies raise serious questions about the legitimacy and reliability of Vegas Dave's alleged winning picks. Sports bettors looking for an affordable and reliable handicapper to maximize profits may want to look elsewhere after considering these criticisms against Vegas Dave.

Vegas Dave Scam | Elite Bettings


Vegas Dave scam | Elite Bettings


You can also see the famous Youtuber, Spencer Cornelia, trying his service and giving you a review about it. You can see here Vegas Dave picks.

☠️ Is Vegas Dave a Reliable Handicapper?☠️

When it comes to Vegas Dave's reliability as a handicapper, you will not find him among the best of the industry. Vegas Dave has no track record of his picks. Moreover, he shares figures that are based on nothing, just to catch attention and push people to buy from him. People prefer to listen to fairy tales than believing the truth...

His services can cost thousands of dollars per month ($995/day for whale picks), making him inaccessible for many sports bettors looking to maximize their profits without breaking the bank. Which don't make sense when you know his record is negative and would even propose you -300 odds picks. Where is the profitability?

Reviews and Testimonials from Vegas Dave's Clients

Success stories are a common theme when speaking to satisfied customers. Which is not the case for Vegas Dave! Many have reported significant decreases in their profits due to his picks. One client stated that he never got his pick and lost $1,000!!!

Vegas Dave Reviews | Elite Bettings

Not all experiences have been positive for clients of Vegas Dave. Some clients have lost thousand of dollars due to him. That is why it is important to make researches before buying from a capper. Do not get blinded by lifestyle anymore please!

Vegas Dave Reviews | Elite Bettings


Overall, if you're looking for a reliable and affordable handicapper to help maximize your profits in sports betting, Vegas Dave is not the solution for you! You can not say that you are not warned from now about it. Now, it is time for you to take the right decision if you are interested about sports betting.

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