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When it involves finding the best Expert picks to follow, there are tons of choices and also things to check. It's very important to check if the sports handicapper is transparent, he has to record every results, if he doesn't it's better to stay away and to not sign up ❌

Then, if a Sports Handicapper shares his record, be sure to choose one that has more than 70% win. Always choose an expert that has a real expertise and can advise you as much as you need to maximize your profits. To finish, be sure to find a professional that would be available for any inquiries and has enough big odds to cover the fees of the services (min +20% ROI).

What I found is that there are few awesome handicapping services out there. A lot show fake lifestyle and only communicate about wins but never about losses. Be careful about those kind of sports handicappers and don't get blind by dreams and easy promises that will never be reality ✨
Below is the list of Cappers reviews who have excelled over the past several years. This combines every pick they released including money lines, side, and totals. You will find some big names on this list, but also a couple of which may surprise you. With this massive of a sample size, don't discount anyone listed below.

Best Sports Handicapper

Elite Bettings - 73% WIN

Best Sports Handicappers | Elite Bettings


We are providing sports picks to our clients since 2016 and if we are into the best sports handicapper rank is because we know what we propose and that everything is legit !

The picks we propose aren't juice, means the odds wouldn't be below -200 and our winning rate (73% win) is the best regarding the odds, the percentage itself and the fact all results are 100% documented ✅

To be clear and quick, our Sports picks hit 73% win, the average odds is -137, all our results are documented and we advise you about the right money management to have. Our winning rate is better than any big cappers in this market and don't worry, you won't pay $500 per month LOL 😂

Worst Sports Handicappers

#1 - Sports Analytics 247 - 33% Win

Sports Analytics 247 | Elite Bettings


Let's talk about a group of "experts" that apparently use statistics and algorithm in their favor to loose sorry 😂

Sports Analytics 24/7 review:

  • They propose around 10 picks per day with an avarage odd of -110 and they only hit 33% WIN...
  • Honestly you better bet against them
  • Because they have lot of bets, they only talk about winnings as they will have at least 1 winning bet per day
  • Not serious and not honest with their records, especially for $1200 1 month 

#2 - JA Cavalier - 39% Win

JA Cavalier | Elite Bettings

 JA Cavalier (Ylose) review:

  • JA Cavalier proposes between 5 &10 picks per day
  • The golden ticket are not bad but don't get me wrong, they dont hit 75% win LOL 😂
  • The average odds are -130 and they HIT 39% WIN 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  • Another Capper that is not profitable and there are a lot out there
  • The price for 1 Month is $12,000 so better for you to bet big in order to cover the fee but regarding the winning rate, trust me you will loose big 🥶❌

#3 - Cody Covers Spreads - 44% Win

Cody covers spreads | Elite Bettings

I had access to all Top cappers during months and months and trust me I recorded all results for you so that I could made a real and transparent record about their services.

Cody covers spreads review :
  • Provides approx 10 picks a day and the average odds are around -125
  • Worst winning rate I have ever seen before (44% WIN) ❌❌❌
  • Cody covers spreads communicates only about winnings and fake the record he has on Lock of the year
  • Not honest and legit
  • His price for 1 month is $1200 by the way...

#4 - Vegas Dave - 46% Win

Vegas Dave | Elite Bettings

Now we are talking, welcome Vegas Dave, the biggest capper... and liar ❌ Vegas Dave use to have a great marketing strategy that helps him selling dreams and get $1 Million of dollar each month 😱 You better think about it when you give him your money

Vegas Dave review:

  • Vegas Dave loves to only communicate about his winnings and also to fake his recor
  • In 2020 his MLB System plays was aparently 50-0 while some picks lost 😡
  • In 2019 during NCAAB National Championship, he sent Texas Tech and also Virginia in order to be sure to win, how you call that ? 🤔
  • A Twitter account expose him, show lot of proofs and there is even a petition against him !!!
  • His whales have an average odds of -280 and he HITS 46% WIN
  • It's not finished, if you thought that Cody Covers or Parlay Travy were expensive, be ready for the 1 month whale pack... 1 month is $40,000 🤯🤯🤯
  • To be clearer, you will never win any money, get just blind by Louis Vuitton bags, good lifestyle, but keep in mind Vegas Dave lives this life thanks to you !
  • Here are more proofs about Vegas Dave

#5 - Kyle Covers Spreads - 49% Win

Kyle Covers Spreads | Elite Bettings

 Kyle Covers review:

  • Kyle covers spreads provides approx 5-10 picks per day on all US sports
  • The average odds are arround -125
  • He HIT 49% WIN which is not crazy at all but better than Cody Covers Spreads, Sports Analytics 247, JA Cavalier
  • The pack for 1 month is $389 which is among the cheapest in the top sports cappers let's say haha (they are not experts at all) 🤣

 #6 - Parlay Travy - 51% Win

Parlay Travy | Elite Bettings

 We start to have a good fish in the ocean, it's the turn of Parlay Travy.

Parlay Travy review:

  • Provides 4 picks & 2 parlays per day
  • The average odds are -130
  • His picks HIT 51% WIN which is clearly not impressive at all and especially regarding the pack price haha 😂
  • To bet with Parlay Travyy you better sell the house because 1 month of whale is $2000... You have to bet big around $1000 to cover the fee but still, you won't profit and loose your house LOL 🏠

#7 - Vegas Jake - 55% Win

Vegas Jake | Elite Bettings

 Vegas Jake review:

  • Vegas Jake has approx 5 picks a day with an average of -120 odds and he's present on every US sports (NFL, NCAAB, NCAAF, NBA, NHL & MLB)
  • His picks HIT 55% WIN so better than Cody Covers Spreads, Sports Analytics 247, JA Cavalier, Kyle covers spreads, Parlay Travy and Vegas Dave but still not enough to cover the fee
  • The Locks of the year cost $1500 for 1 month so you have to bet big in order to try to cover
  • The winning rate is not good enough to cover the fees 🙅‍♂️

#8 - Mazi VS - 56% Win

Mazi VS | Elite Bettings

Mazi VS is among the TOP 3 cappers and sell his great lifestyle to find clients that are willing to pay him a lot but let's see if he is profitable

Mazi VS review:

  • Mazi has few picks like 1-3 per day with -130 average odds
  • He HITS 56% WIN
  • The month pack is $1000 😬
  • He communicates daily about winnings, designer clothes, supercars, which push a lot people to buy from him
  • No record
  • He speaks only about wins but never about losses, don't be surprised if you see only wins then


Cring memes GIF | Elite Bettings

We are transparent with you and we showed you all the importants factors you have to take into the account before choosing a sports handicapper ✅ As you saw, none of Top sports experts are profitable. Their winning rates are very very poor (33-56% WIN), they hide losses, they catch you with their lavish lifestyles and are very expensive ($390 - $40,000) ❌

As a real sports handicapper with a real expertise, we see lot of our clients that got scammed and fooled by the marketing these sports cappers have (Vegas Dave, Cody covers spreads, parlay travy, Mazi vs, Vegas Jake, Sports Analytics 247, JA Cavalier and Kyle covers spreads) ⛔️

Please, judge only an Expert Picks on his results, transparency, odds and price 📉 You have to find a good ratio between profitability and the fee to cover it and start making money. If a capper doesn't have any records or bankrolls, avoid them, don't get trapped by their lavish lives 📊

Lot of people come to us, getting surprised about how bad these sports handicappers are. They have the impression, these cappers win all the time but whenever it's too good to be true, there is always something weird behind it.


It's called ELITE BETTINGS ! It's been too long we see scammers around that give a bad image of sports betting and that fool people 🤬🤬 We can't see anymore people betting the house for poor bets that never win just because they wanted to be rich in 5 minutes 🙅‍♂️

Our marketing is maybe less bling-bling but we propose you something different which is more LEGIT (74% WIN), TRANSPARENT (Public Record & Bankroll - never seen before) and FAIR for you (cheap price) 💹

We want to educate you well about Sports Betting, that you STOP gambling but INVEST instead 📊 We want to give you the chance to trust a real Professional that can give you his own strategies and money management, so that you avoid all mistakes we have made in the past.

We give you the opportunity to copy a real expert so that you can invest with sports betting and start profiting for good 💵

We are professionnal bettors since 2016, we have developped a strong AI system that help us taking the best decision and optimize our bankroll

  • 23.6% ROI (since 2016)
  • 73.75% WIN (since 2016)
  • -137 AVG Odds (since 2016)
  • We REFUND 100% if record is negative on selected duration
  • 100% Money-Back guaranteed 🔒